Client Template:
Visual Fusion was asked to make both a light and dark PowerPoint template to match the company's branding and deliverables. (example of light version)
Client Keynote:  
Visual Fusion was asked to enhance a Keynote for large partner event to ensure brand consistency and show readiness. (left hand side was provided by client; right was what we created)
Client Template:
Visual Fusion was asked to upgrade the client's template ensuring brand compliance. 
Client PowerPoint Presentation: 
Visual Fusion used current brand standard to create mock-ups, ensure consistency, and general formatting for the presentation.
Client Event:
Using client's updated brand, Visual Fusion created bold presentations and housekeeping slides to deliver effective and visually compelling updated slides.
Client Industry Presentation:
Visual Fusion was asked to rebrand existing presentations, with new artwork, colors, and product names. (presentation has been stripped due to company privacy issues)
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